Do you understand your Corporation or LLC? Really understand them in a way that helps make you rich?

The Corporate Direct Academy provides you with key concepts and strategies to easily maximize the powerful benefits of your Corporation, Limited Liability Company and/or Limited Partnership (collectively “your entities”).

Presented in a very clear and accessible manner (in English, not legalese!) you will quickly come to appreciate and understand the many ways your entities can give you the winner’s edge. In business and real estate we all need that commanding edge. This video course gives you exactly that.

You will learn how we live in a sue-happy, litigious society. Frivolous and vexatious litigation is now brought upon average business owners and investors at an alarming rate. You must learn how your entities can limit your liability and protect your personal assets from attacks to you and your family’s great advantage.

You will learn how your entities can provide you with the tax benefits the rich have exploited for generations. You will also learn how the Corporations and LLCs you control can reduce the risk of a time consuming and stressful IRS audit. This one strategy alone is a source of continuing and significant financial benefit for our clients.

The Corporate Direct Academy also provides you with downloadable resources that will explain and clarify your entities’ requirements. Unless you are on experienced attorney or CPA these compulsory obligations may not be familiar to you and, true enough, you can be penalized for not knowing and following them. Our resources provide the necessary information for you to be both safely and easily in compliance. Your competitors may know these rules. You can be sure they won’t tell you about them.

We want you to truly benefit from all of this great information. We want you to succeed everyday with it. Accordingly, we have inserted several quizzes throughout the course material to keep you on track. The quizzes are there to help fully cement the dynamic gains you will encounter.

We look forward to having you as a student in our Academy. You are about to realize a clear understanding of how your entities can provide great protection and direction. Please do not turn away from the necessary information. The government does not teach it in schools and yet expects you to know it. Please click here right now to get started.